SMS Interaction Products

We have worked with multiple SMS gateways to develop SMS solutions, with high level expertise in using Twilio.

Business Process Automation

We are Specialized in Business Process Automation. Our experts analyse your requirements and give the most cost effective solution.

ERP Services

DigiNos provides ERP Services to small to large scaled hospitals and organizations.


We have a wide range of portfolio consisting of Web based solutions with capability of SMS Interaction, ERPs and Business Process Automation.

  • "These guys are the best. They did not just deliver me a top notch final product but even continue to provide great support even months after the delivery of the project."

    - Alain S.

  • "I was fortunate to find a company that understood the technology that I am using, and were responsive to my needs. I have many other projects in their area of expertise and I will continue using the team at DigiNos as long as they'll let me."

    - Vincent Chambers

  • "Excellent provider with strong skills and dedication. Highly recommended."

    - Francesco Fiacchi

  • “Ali worked fast and met all expectations for this small project. We are very appreciative of his team and their hard work. This project was a success ”

    - Josh Heater

  • “Super Excellent Work. Thank you very much for the great communication. ”

    - Tommy

  • “I am once again happy with the final product. They always make sure I'm completely satisfied with the job, and offer support even if it's months later.”

  • “We started working with DigiNos in April and eight months later we're still working together on the project. They quickly got up to speed and have helped move my project along. What I really like is when they offer unsolicited advice and suggestions on how to make the project better. Overall, I would recommend them, and honestly plan to continue working with them beyond our beta and eventual launch.”

    - Steven blinn

  • “The one thing I know about business is that the people are the most important asset. Your product & service cannot shine without good people behind it. I have found in Creanyx, those people. How lucky am i?!”

    - Diana

  • “I am entirely grateful for the guidance and support through the entire process of my project.”

    - Demarco

  • “I am extremely satisfied with DigiNos. I highly recommend this contractor to anyone looking for quality and reliable work. The work I contracted was a complex one and required very specific knowledge. The support and communication were outstanding, and they guided me and adjusted every detail until I was completely satisfied. I would certainly work with Creanyx in the future. ”

    - Soluvill

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